Impact on the Environments

Star del norte S.A de C.V. seeks to promote the quality of the environment. We are committed to continuous improvement in environmental management at all points within the company and improving the well-being of the community where we operate.


▪ Comply with environmental laws and the requirements applicable to our processes, products, services and projects.

▪ Promote continuous improvement of the environment through the application of environmental management principles, with the use of risk assessments and measurements of environmental performance associated with the processes of our facilities, products and services.

▪ Seek a sustainable environmental development through the prevention of pollution, the minimization, reuse and recycling of the waste generated by our processes, products and services.

▪ Demonstrate social responsibility, seeking to satisfy the environmental needs of our communities and promoting the responsible use of environmental resources.

How do we impact the environment at Star Del Norte?

Emissions to the Atmosphere

Emissions to the atmosphere of the establishment are generated from the combustion of the transport units that arrive at the establishment, as well as the use of burners within the plant. .

we have a chimney in the soaking area, where the suspended particles go out into the environment without damaging it, since the concentration of gases is within and well below the maximum permissible limits.

Noise emissions

The loudest noise is generated inside the establishment, towards the environment during pre-breaking, soaking and shelling operations.

The Waste

We generate around 220 tons of husk per month that we use as fertilizer for the cultivation of walnut.

In cardboard, we generate one ton per month, material that is delivered to external suppliers who take care of its recycling process.