In-Shell Sizing: First stage of the shelling process, Small pecans are separated from the larger ones, this allows us to offer product of different sizes for different applications.

Foreign Material Removal: In-shell pecans, run through a tank with water, foreign material sinks and pecans float to next process.

Hot water Sanitizing: Very important stage of the shelling process. This will kill pathogens that the product may carry from the field (orchards). Pecans are submerged in hot water (at least 2 min @ 190° F) and then passed to the next process.

Cracking and Shelling: This is the first step where the pecans start to separate from the shell, automated crackers take each pecan individually and air pistons crack the pecans one by one, halves are separated from the pieces through a sieve.

Laser and Electronic Sorting: The pecans along with the shell pass through a sorter that works with lasers able to see differences, between the structure of the shell and the pecan kernel, allowing the sorter to remove shell with air guns with higher efficiency than camera sorters. This state of the art process also has lasers able to detect differences in color, shade as well as texture, allowing us to offer higher quality pecans.

Visual Inspection: After the pecans where sorted, a visual inspection of the product is made to all the product, this way our QA team verifies the correct separation of shell, color and shade made with the laser sorter.

Drying: Last stage of production process before packaging. Pecans are set to dry with hot air, our QA team makes sure pecans get the appropriate moisture and then allows the product go to the packaging station.

Packaging: Product is packed according to customer needs. Our product is either packed in cases that vary from 30lb to 15lb. or in bags from 2lb to smaller sizes..

Metal Detector: After the product is packed every case or bag is passed through a metal detector ensuring the product complies with food safety requirements.