Pecan Size: These may vary according to each specific grower resources such as water, nutrients and geographical location that the pecans are grown and harvested. Regions with cooler and dryer climate pecans tend to be smaller and where the climate is warmer and with higher humidity growers might be able to get larger nuts.

Color: The color of the pecan kernels may vary according to variety, region where the pecans were grown, and storage conditions. Storage conditions will be critical to have lighter pecans all year long.

Process: The shelling process will have a direct impact on pecan quality. During the different stages of the process pecans may brake, get scratches and/or get darker affecting the look of the finished product. Having a well known, with high-tech equipment and controlled process will help to have a higher quality pecans.

Industry Knowledge: Knowing the regions and people where pecans are best harvested will have a positive impact on product quality. Even that pecans are considered a commodity, not everyone knows and/or has the resources to harvest high quality pecans.

We are certified

We are currently certified in SQF, Kosher, Organic, SMETA 6.0, 2019 .